About Us

Our Approach

Livin' It! team members visit female correctional facilities in Virginia to educate and empower incarcerated women on health education and self-care. Health education includes substance use disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, and female health issues. Self-care education includes: cognitive behavioral skills, physical healthcare, and spiritual tools for living a healthier life.  Baseline knowledge tests are delivered at the first session and reevaluated at the final session. Vast improvements have been consistently observed in participants.

“Livin’ It!” creates a safe place while bringing a sound professional approach to address the specific needs of justice-involved women.  Most prison programs have been designed for men. “Livin’ It!’ is specifically designed for women by women. There continues to be a waiting list.

Participant Testimonials

"The program has given me insight into how I should better take care of myself; the cues I need to be aware of which are unhealthy and the need to stay focused on me. This program has inspired me to become a more determined and successful empowered woman in 20th century who has seen her dream and is destined to make it into reality with God's help! With that said, I want to "Thank You ALL!"

"Thank you for taking the time to do this, it has made an impact on my life and I won't forget it. God Bless!"

"I've lived with HIV for 26 years. It just showed me today there are more people that want knowledge. All aspects were presented in a professional manner. I never once felt uncomfortable in this program at any of the time. I felt as if I could share my story of redemption and forgiveness without judgement. It was all helpful!"