In Loving Memory of Shirley T. Burke

To the family of Shirley T.:


19 years ago a group of women met at the Richmond city Hall where Shirley T.

was the Human Services Director.  The Livin’It program for incarcerated women

was conceived and piloted for two years at Fluvanna Correctional Center For

Women.  The program continues today at other facilities as well.  Shirley was a

vital member of the team until recently when she aced serious health challenges.


Shirley T. was a motivator.  She always told the women that they must not define

themselves by the incarceration.  One of her signature admonitions was

“You don’t have to be fixed “ cos you ain”t  broke!”

During the first session when the inmates and the team shared personal

Experiences, several of the women would admit that they signed up for the

program because they wanted to meet Shirley T.

She was soft spoken, but firm in her convictions.  She forced you to look inside

yourself critically.

Another of her famous sayings, “what other people think of me is none of my business”, and she often wore the tee shirt to reinforce the message!

Shirley T. will be missed.  She touched so many lives with her quiet but convincing counsel.

The Livin’It family extend our sincere sympathy to the family of our beloved Shirley T.

Rest in peace Shirley T.

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