The Women and Children’s HIV/AIDS Task Force designs an HIV/AIDS program for use within the prison system. A series of nine sessions is developed with the goal of reducing the risk of harm for justice-involved women.

Livin’ It! A Prison Project is piloted by The Task Force together with expert contractors in the fields of women’s health, behavior and lived experience at Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women.

Ninety-two inmates graduated from three pilot programs offered at the Fluvanna Correctional Facility in 2001-2002. Over two hundred women sign up for the second and third sessions and the waiting list continues to grow. A day of Re-Connection is held for 60 graduates.

Livin’ It! is offered at Diversion Center in Chesterfield and Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women. 120 justice-involved women complete the program and graduate.

The Women and Children’s HIV/AIDS Task Force agrees to transfer management of the program and Transformation Retreats Board of Directors vote to formally adopt Livin’ It! Ruth Fitzsimmons continues to represent Livin’ It! on the Board and a salary position is established for the first time for an Executive Director to coordinate both programs.

The Board seeks to develop a Strategic Plan, strong fundraising and build a website. An internship program with Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work is established to assist in the office and reach out to the community.

The Prison Project builds new teams and continues to offer these programs to people living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS. The Board hires a new executive director and formally changes its name to The Renewal Projects, Inc.

Board and Prison Project Manuals are revised and updated. 1,350 women have been served at two facilities to date. 11,136 hours have been donated at a value of service of $278,400.00 (using the state rate).

Livin’ It! incorporates as an independent 501C3 charitable organization in the State of Virginia and establishes its own Board of Directors. The Renewal Projects retires in dissolution.

Livin’ It! recruits volunteers, updates the manuals, plans programs at three facilities in central Virginia, develops its own website and works to extend its reach in Virginia.