It is #GivingTuesday and we would love it if you all could join and support “Livin it” in Virginia women’s prisons! Visit: https://livinitproject.org/donate/ to donate now and be a part of #GivingTuesday

During these times of uncertainty, there is one thing that helps provide a sense of hope, encouragement and comfort- that together we can push for change. Over that past couple of months, people from all over the world have been coming together to give back and push for change during the COVID- 19. No matter what your act of kindness and generosity may be, it is making an impact to help us all get through this global pandemic! Together we will get through. 

May 5th has been announced to be the new global day of giving. It has been established as an emergency response to the communities in need during the COVID- 19 pandemic. While our programs have been put to a halt due to this pandemic, the need for programs will be increased in the aftermath when the prison shutdowns are over. We will need to reprogram and prepare for this high demand in resources and your donations will help our volunteers be enabled to provide the resources the women we serve will need.

We are grateful for any and every donation made to support the needs of this community. Thank you all for supporting the Livin’ It Project! Please spread the word by sending this link to friends, family and your social media posts (https://livinitproject.org/donate/). 


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